WordPress Web Hosting Server Transfer/Migration

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Smooth and error-free migration of domains. Great job!

Owner, Australia Web Design Company

Amazing work. Very fast and professional, thank you very much.

Owner, US Website


Need help migrating or transferring your WordPress website to new hosting server?

Migrating from one hosting server to another or even sub-domain to main domain may seem easy. You may use plugins to perform the migration. However, here at AC Digital Solutions, we don’t rely with plugins to perform the migration as much as possible. This is because there are times when the process gets interrupted leading to defective transfer. Also, using plugins can sometimes generate unnecessary tables or rows to the SQL Database even if you successfully uninstalled after migrating. This is one of the reason website runs slow due to clogged database that are not needed.

Our website migration service offers a smooth transfer without clogging the SQL database. Our experts will handle the process of transferring your website from one host to another or even from same host but from one domain to another in a fast and secure way. We make sure that there will be no left overs once the migration has been completed. This prevents slowing down your website especially when queries are done from the SQL Database.

Get your websites running with WordPress transferred in a professional way now! Order our website migration service today.