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Got hacked? Malware and redirection problems?

Our WP malware and hacked cleanup ensure that your website will be thoroughly cleaned from pesky injections and hijacking. Common security breaches that our experienced security team cleans from customers are email spam, pharma hack (Cialis, Viagra etc…) and website redirection.

These are the common malware injections and hacking caused by outdated WordPress version install, plugins and themes. There are also cases where poor plugin and theme codes can result to security breaches. Hackers use several methods to gain access to your website without your knowledge. Sadly, most customers only realize that they got hacked or infected by malware once the damage has been done.

With our WordPress malware and hack cleanup, we make sure that every code inserted to the files including the SQL database is thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, after the cleanup of these hacking and injections are done, we will provide/setup a counter-measure on your website to prevent future security breach. Our solution will prevent future hacking and injection as much as possible.

If you are hosted to our server, we set these security counter-measures by default from website to server level. We also monitor your account to see if there are breaches currently on-going and block them as soon as they get detected. We mostly do it manually since some advanced scripts for hacking can bypass automated virus or malware scanner. However, automated security solutions are also good for a first line of defense from these intruders.