Terms & Conditions

By ordering a package(s) to us, you are bound to accepting our terms & conditions applicable to the service(s) you paid for. You (the customer) declare the acceptance of our terms and conditions by making and paying the service package you ordered from us. Otherwise, canceling order/payment procedure means you disagree.

Our terms & conditions are composed of sections created for each package(s) agreement together with the universal agreement that is applicable to all our services/packages as an addition to the sole agreement terms and conditions.


Pagespeed Optimization Package

  • We only optimize responsive WordPress designs.
  • Minimum speed does not apply if the problem is due to your web hosting server’s fault such as having slow response time.
  • We have the rights to adjust the minimum speed attainable or promised from our service package if the reason for having low page speed score is due to poor web hosting server performancepoorly coded/bugged WordPress theme/template, and poorly/bugged WordPress plugins causing conflicts to our procedures making it impossible for us to deliver the promised score.
  • The price/value of the service package is a one-time payment for one-time page speed optimization service. This means that we will only perform the pagespeed optimization once until we attained the promised page speed score.
  • After the successful completion and delivery of the service package, any modification of the settings including changing theme/template, plugins and designs to the website made by the customer (you) that could affect/alter the optimization setup we did will not be part of our agreement and we no longer have the liability to redo the process.
  • We no longer have the liability to perform the optimization again if updating your theme and plugin(s) override the settings/setup/codes used by us (AC Digital Solutions) to optimize your website. Although updating plugins normally won’t affect the pagespeed optimization we did, it is still better that we let you know.

However, we may provide you discounted price for second order and the price will be a lot lower than the original package due to only minor adjustments needed. Send us a message at support@acdigitalsolutions.com for more info or you may also use the contact us form on our website.


WordPress Website Transfer/Migration Package

  • We guarantee the completion of transfer/migration within 24-48 hours upon start. This applies to domain with fully propagated DNS to the new hosting server where you would like to host your website and our works can be executed right away without waiting.
  • Migration/transfer does not include email transfer/setup and will require additional fee. However, if there are only 1- 5 emails needed to be setup or migrated, we will include the process to the package free of charge. Any more than 5 emails would require additional service charge/fee.
  • Upon completion, the customer (you) may evaluate the migration/transfer to see if everything is in good working condition. If errors arise due to reasons deemed to be our fault like incomplete/missing files uploaded or discrepancy from the number of files from origin (old server) requested to be transferred by the customer (you), we would fix and apply the adjustments needed free of charge as part of our service agreement.
  • Due to the nature of this service and for our protection from payments, we don’t offer a refund unless the issue is not fixable like new hosting server compatibility such apache and MySQL versions making it impossible for the website to go live. However, these kinds of issues are very rare unless the new web hosting company/server where you are moving your website has low quality hosting servers that are outdated. WordPress has minimum requirements to run on a server and it is better to consult your hosting company first if running WordPress to their servers is possible (most likely yes 99.9%)


Malware Injections/Hacked Website Cleanup and Restore Package

  • We guarantee to you (the customer) that we will thoroughly clean your server from hacking, hijacking or malicious code injections efficiently. This includes the procedures listed from the package.
  • We use Google webmaster tools to validate that the server is clean and will do the request of removing the flagged of Google from search engine results that your site has/may be hacked.
  • We are not liable if after a month or several weeks your site has been hacked again due to failure of following our preventative recommendation to avoid future hacking from happening again. However, you may always order the package from us to perform the cleanup/restoration of your website once again. We also offer a subscription recurring-based security maintenance package and you may use the contact form via our Contact Us page to get quotes or information.
  • We only issue a refund if the problem is not fixable (most likely not the case). However, if this is the case, we would be glad to issue the payment/order refund.


Web Hosting Packages

  • We offer a payment refund from all our web hosting packages only if we can’t make/setup your website to get live on our servers. However, this is impossible since our servers are optimized for WordPress CMS.
  • We offer 7 days money back guarantee on all web hosting packages with more than 1 month order or term (i.e, 2 or more months). Valid only within the 7 days mark upon the start of your web hosting contract with us. If you request for payment refund or order cancellation after 7 days, we no longer support a refund for the first month and it would be considered as a 1 month term for billing cycle.
  • Our Refund policy only covers web hosting package orders that are more than 1 month. Current billing cycle is not refundable. 1 month order is not refundable.
  • We can only issue a refund for advanced payment you made from us such as the months that are not yet part of the current billing cycle. This is most likely applicable for customers who have acquired a web hosting package from us and paid more than 1 month in advance. See below for example:

Sample Breakdown for Cancelled Orders and Refund

Your Contract Start Date: Jan 01 2017
Your Payment Terms: 12 Months
Refund Date Requested: Feb 08 2017
Refundable Months: 10
Number of Months Used: 2
Billing Cycle: Every 1st day of the month
Date of Service Termination: March 1 2017

NOTE: You may notice that the refund date already exceeded the first month’s billing cycle and is covered by the next billing cycle already. You may still however use the remaining days until the date of service termination since you already paid and is still included for that billing cycle month. Also, the first month already passed our 7 days money-back guarantee policy so it is not eligible for refund.

  • We only accept website running on current version of WordPress from the time you (the customer) ordered/subscribed to our web hosting packages. This is due to the reason that outdated version of WordPress may have vulnerabilities that can be exploited easily by hackers. Also, this is a standard security protocol on our server to avoid accepting website(s) only capable or compatible to run on outdated version of WordPress.
  • We manage your server so you can focus more on your customers (your website’s visitors) without worrying about the performance and security of your website’s backbone.
  • Since we have a tight security, we don’t offer our customers with control panel by default. However, your web hosting package with us offers SFTP/FTP access that will allow you or your developer/designer to perform the work on your website’s backend. One good reason why we don’t allow you to access the control panel of the server is for our both security reasons. Just don’t worry about it much, rest assured that your server is running smooth and being monitored 24/7. If you need anything else other than the SFTP/FTP accounts, feel free to inquire from us and we would be glad to provide help for you.


Universal Terms & Conditions

  • If the request for payment refund has been initiated by the customer (you) for personal reasons that are not related to our service or package, “processing fees or refund fees” charged by PayPal for the transaction will be deducted from the customer (you). You may visit the website of PayPal to learn more about their refund policy especially for fees so you have an idea about the amount deducted from you when you request for payment refund. https://www.paypal.com/us/selfhelp/topic/REFUNDS_CA
  • We have the rights to temporarily suspend your account/website with us upon failure of paying your debts or the payment fails due to lack of funds on your funding source. We use PayPal as our payment processor for buyer-seller protection so we advise you to check your PayPal account on or before the next billing cycle occurs. Alternately, you may visit the invoice (unique invoice URL) on our website to see the details.
  • We have the rights to suspend your account if found abusing our system such as from our web hosting resources or if found to be doing unethical works to operate through our server(s). This is to avoid getting other customers affected especially when running under shared IP or resources.

For more info, you may contact us at support@acdigitalsolutions.com