About Us

AC Digital Solutions provides WordPress related services for small to medium size businesses. It offers robust web solutions for websites running under WordPress CMS in affordable and excellent services.

The website has launched in 2017 and currently operated by an experienced freelance web developer and hosting server administrator with 7+ Years of experience.


Our Objective

To provide competitive and affordable WordPress solutions as a fundamental basis for start-up businesses/companies entering the online market world.

To provide effective web solutions to customers and resolve their website issues through our services.


Our Aim

To establish an on-going harmonious relationship with the business owners and customers subscribed to our services.

To provide top-notch web solutions for non-techy customers and allow them to focus on what they do best (online marketing, blogging etc.).

To help start-up businesses grow by providing them an efficient and uninterrupted back-end web solutions for their WordPress websites.


What We Do

We analyze, fix and enhance the performance of websites running WordPress as CMS.

We provide affordable yet powerful web solutions for customers.

Dynamically adapting to technology to further elevate and enhance the quality of our services.

We serve as the path for start-up and small businesses in order for them to successfully establish their online presence.


About Our Services

Our services are specifically planned to provide better performance at an affordable rate. We try to provide free services to accommodate the needs of our clients that are mostly skilled in terms of front-end WordPress management but needing help with the backend/server of their website. We handle the tough and cumbersome website hosting related works as well as technical stuff related to WordPress.